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Terms and Conditions m3connect GmbH
§ 1 Scope
These General Terms and Conditions govern services-against-payment provided by m3connect GmbH, namely the supply and operation of broadband internet access via the user’s wireless LAN (WLAN) technology.

These General Terms and Conditions and all revisions thereto are accessible at all times on the portal pages at each m3 hotspot. m3connect GmbH reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions. This shall apply in particular to revisions on account of regulatory provisions and take immediate effect, the modification of Internet-related framework conditions, and changes to m3connect GmbH’s business procedures and/or business areas.

§ 2 Technical Specifications
Within the framework of the provision of services ordered, the user shall recieve broadband Internet access via m3connect’s wireless LAN infrastructure. m3connect shall disclose the locations to which such services can be accessed at http://www.m3-connect.com and http://www.m3-hotspots.de.

Requirements for the use of the m3connect infrastructure are:

The user must have a WLAN-compatible device in accordance with IEEE802.11b.

The user must establish a connection with the m3connect wireless LAN (the required network names (SSIDs) shall likewise be disclosed at http://www.m3-connect.com and http://www.m3-hotspots.de).

The user’s web browser must be configured to accept cookies. The connection must not be established via a proxy server. The web browser must allow automatic redirecting.

Depending upon the distance to the access point and the specifications of the customer’s antenna, the data transmission speed will vary. After the processing of the order or upon purchase of a prepaid card, the user shall recieve a combination user name/password. After launching the internet browser, the user must enter this information into the fields on the Internet site. The contract duration, validity, and volume restrictions derive from the services the customer has orderd. In the event that legal or regulatory revisions to the framework terms and conditions are made, m3connect is authorized to engage third parties either temporarily or permanently for the delivery of such provision of services or partial services.

§ 3 Payment
Payment is made when the customer places the order. Prices do not include abblicable value-added tax.

§ 4 Locations/Hotspots
Internet access is available at all m3connect hotspots (see http://www.m3-hotspots.de). m3connect reserves the right to restrict use at certain hotspots.

§ 5 Hotline
The WLAN hotline is available around the clock on +49 (0) 1805-008261 (€ 0.14/minute from the Deutsche Telekom network) and can answer any questions related to hotspots and the wireless LAN service. Customers must direct technical questions concerning the configuration and setting up of end devices to the respective notebook manufacturer or, in the case of company machines, to the IT department of the company in question.

§ 6 Contract Duration/Use
Paid services commence at the ordered start time or when access to the m3connect infrastructure is granted. The rate selected determines the contract duration. The user implicitly accepts the General Terms and Conditions by ordering the service. Both contracting parties may terminate the contract in extraordinary circumstances in the event of gross non-fulfillment by the other contracting party of its current contractual obligations as set out in this agreement.

§ 7 User’s Responsibilities
The user shall notify m3connect GmbH of any disturbances in wireless Internet access via m3connect GmbH’s network. User names and passwords are non-transferable. The user must not disclose his or her user names and passwords and must ensure that they are not accessible to third parties. The user is obliged to inform m3connect GmbH immediately in cases of suspicion of improper use and/or if access information has become known to a third party. The user undertakes not to use m3connect GmbH services in violation of applicable laws or for immoral purposes and to observe the rights of third parties. In particular, this includes the following:

Undertaking not to save or permit the saving of any disturbing or slanderous material, material that infringes on the privacy of others, material of an improper, threatening, illegal or otherwise unlawful nature, and material whose use is contrary to public policy and undertaking not to make reference to such materials;

Undertaking not to make available or make reference to any material that could damage m3connect’s reputation;

Undertaking not to supply, convey, or request the transfer of viruses, Trojan horses, junk mails, spam, chain letters or non-solicited mass e-mail communications;

Undertaking not to use or execute any mechanisms or applications that could lead to or cause changes in the physical or logical structure of m3connect servers or the m3connect network or other networks;

Undertaking to use the network provided by m3connect exclusively for Internet access and not to establish any connection to devices other than those devices within the m3connect network.

In cases of the violation of the aforementioned obligations, m3connect GmbH shall be entitled to block Internet access with immediate and total effect. The user must compensate m3connect GmbH for any damages resulting from such infringements and, in addition, must absolve m3connect GmbH from any hardshop arising from user’s damaging conduct.

§ 8 Liability
m3connect shall not be liable for damages caused to the user by inappropriate WLAN use. m3connect and its partners and suppliers assume no liability for damages, claims, or incurred costs of any kind or for any consequential damages, secondary, coincidental, indirect criminal damages, exceptional or other damages, or for requests or claims for compensation for lost profits and/or losses. In all other respects m3connect’s liability for any damages – irrespective of legal basis including impermissible acts – is excluded.
m3connect has no control over the transfer of data over the Internet. m3connect is not liable for guaranteeing that third-party information transmitted via its m3connect infrastructure is available, current, or lawful. Furthermore, m3connect accepts no liability for guaranteeing that transmitted/sent data is not subject to property rights held by third parties or that the sending party transmits data and/or other information correctly or in accordance with the law unless m3connect acts with gross negligence or intent by refraining to issue a deasible and necessary warning or carrying out a check despite the existence of tangible evidence of infringement. In as much m3connect GmbH allows access to the databases or services of third parties, m3connect GmbH is not responsible for the availability, content, or safety of these databases or services, the accuracy of their content, or their completeness and topicality, or for ensuring that they are not subject to the property rights of third parties with regard to the data, information, and programs downloaded by the user. m3connect GmbH hereby informs users that information accessed via m3connect GmbH’s infrastructure could be copyright-protected. Users may therefore be liable to pay damages to the copyright holder and my be held criminally liable for the copying, editing and distribution of content. It is incumbent upon the user to be completely aware of the property rights of third parties and to respect such rights. m3connect GmbH is not liable for the illegal content of third party providers.

§ 9 Security Instruction
WLAN operation is not encrypted. We expressly point out that access by third parties (computer hackers) cannot be ruled out. We suggest that users undertake their own secure encryption measures. If the correct network name (SSID) has not been configured, the WLAN card can be addressed by another signal. Users may be possibly find they have gained unauthorized access to another network. It is expressly pointed out that m3connect will not accept liability for legal consequences resulting from such access.

§ 10 Data Protection
m3connect GmbH only collects, processes, and manages users’ personal information provided during registration for authorization purposes, to provide m3connect GmbH services, and to compile statistics. Personal information is not shared with third parties. By using the service, the user expressly accepts these data protection provisions. Disclosure to federal bodies and authorities only occurs within the context of mandatory legislation. m3connect GmbH complies with data protection regulations and vouches that all individuals who are entrusted with the fulfillment of this contract shall likewise observe these regulations. m3connect GmbH requires that its employees adhere to legal data protections and contractual confidentiality regulations.

§ 11 Miscellaneous Provisions
The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall govern this contract. The court of jurisdiction shall be Aachen, Germany. In the event that a provision of the General Terms and Conditions is or becomes ineffective, the validity of the remaining terms and conditions shall remain unaffected. The ineffective provision shall be replaced by a provision that most closely resembles the legally effective business purpose and meaning of the relevant ineffective provision.